Holiday Moments

Here is my family, including our former dog, Wicket, whom we now have visitation (she lives with my parents up in the mountains) during Thanksgiving this year.
We had a lovely dinner and enjoyed visiting with family we rarely get to see and honestly, the evening would’ve ended without much to comment on if my son hadn’t been swarmed by a vicious pack of wasps after dinner. He, his brother and my husband were running around the forest playing Commando when Jaidyn accidentally disturbed a wasp hive and then they attacked. My poor son ran screaming, his thick, curly hair FULL of wasps and it took five minutes for me and husband to rip the buggers off his scalp while they were biting and stinging. Thank God, he’s not allergic. He could’ve been killed. Anyway, the poor kid took home more than just extra calories on Thanksgiving. I’m sure this event will remain in his memory well into adulthood. *sigh*
Anyway, this picture was taken BEFORE the whole wasp incident. The baby didn’t want to cooperate. This was the best of the bunch.
Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was full of good food, good company and a decided LACK of winged vicious beasties.



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  1. Poor guy! My son once got attacked by wasps, too, but only a couple. Two went down his shirt. The poor little guy had about a dozen bright red welts before we got them — and the shirt — off him.

    Ah, memories — the good, the bad and the painful.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. It was very scary! His whole head was teeming with wasps and I was pulling them out with my fingers as they were trying to sting me as well. It was definitely not something I’d like to do again. I can still hear Jaidyn’s screams in my memory. *shudder* A mother’s nightmare when her children are being hurt and she can’t help fast enough…



  3. YIKES! That poor guy…I would be traumatized from an experience like that. So glad he’s not allergic. (And the thought of wasps on Thanksgiving makes me laugh because, well, here they’re dead. A good way for wasps to be, IMO.)


  4. I know! It was awful. During a normal winter season, they’d probably be dead here, too but we’re having a really warm winter. So…they’re still around. 😦



  5. Awww {{Jaidyn}}. Poor kid. That sucks. But the picture was wonderful! Glad it all worked out.


  6. No wasps at Thanksgiving. Thank goodness. We spent it in Seattle with my husband’s family. Lots of driving. Lots of food. Visited lots of people. Successful holiday.


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