A hunk & a glom

Weird title, huh? Yeah, I know but I wanted to combine two fabulous things in today’s blog because I am essentially lazy when it comes to this stuff!

First off, I received the nicest, most unexpected email a week or so ago from none other than the cover model from my April book (on shelves now!). His name is Alex Allan and he is a sweetheart of a guy. Apparently, A KISS TO REMEMBER was his first cover and he said it will always have a special place in his heart. What romance author wouldn’t trill at such a lovely sentiment? I confess, I was won over, completely and easily by his charm and I am so glad he chose to contact me. I’d post a picture but I don’t have his permission and I’d hate to invade his privacy but if I do manage to get his permission I will post a pic. He’s a doll and the perfect choice for Ben Hollister!

Second, I received another lovely email from a new fan who stated she loved AKTR so much she had to have my other books! In the writing world, that’s called glomming! And I love it! It’s very flattering and gratifying to an author when a new reader enjoys your work so much she or he is curious about your previous body of work.

Anyway, that’s my big news. Perhaps not big in the overall scheme of things but big in my world and both really made my day. In today’s world, those small pleasures are like gold.

Happy writing (and reading)



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  1. That’s awesome news sista!


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