Back From Conference

Where to start…first off, surgery went well. I am now one less organ but thankfully, it’s one that I can live without.

Went to San Francisco for the RWA conference. It was wonderful but I was ridiculously homesick by Sunday. John met me at the hotel on Friday to go to the Harlequin party with me at the Four Seasons and that was fabulous. First, it was awesome to dance the night away with the man in my life (and oh, yeah, we did some SERIOUS dancing and between the two of us we rocked the floor beside my Super friends Amy Knupp, Kay Stockham, Jeannie Watt, *and her daughter Jamie, and Supers editor Victoria Curran) and second, it was the freakin’ Harlequin party where the likes of Nora Roberts, Kathryn Caskie and a host of other ultra cool people were milling about. It’s a very heady thing to be standing next to someone you only read about under normal circumstances. It’s true I accosted Kathryn Caskie in the drink line to gush in regards to her awesomeness and she was so cool about it. Gracious, kind and even complimentary, she’s a favorite in my book. In fact, I think I need to run out and buy her newest release this weekend just to show my gratitude. 😀

Anyway, conference was great. I learned a lot. Came home with tons of new books and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend. I was one of the lucky receivers of an RWA scholarship and someday I hope I can return the favor by contributing to the scholarship program. Thanks again to those who made that decision.

So, I’m feeling generous and I have a new release coming out in September, so let’s give a book away! Tell me about a cool encounter with someone you admire (they can be famous or not) and one lucky poster will receive a free book! How cool is that? Hey, if you’re like me free books motivate me like no other!




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  1. Posted by Tammy Sinclair on August 6, 2008 at 6:42 am

    I met Mickey Thompson the race car driver! Well, at the time I met him he was a driver, he has since passed away.
    My dad also raced cars and had gotten to know Mickey fairly well.
    Everything I had heard in the news painted a rather dim view of the man about how wild and rude he was, so when I was at a race with my dad and he asked me if I wanted to meet Mickey, I was a little intimidated and didn’t quite know what to expect. We went over to his pit area and asked for him. He was scheduled to be in a race that was due to start very shortly so I was thinking he would never have the time to meet a teenage girl that had ‘thought’ she had a mad passionate crush on him. But surprise, surprise! He came out and shook hands with my dad and asked who the ‘lovely young lady’ was with him. My dad introduced us and Mickey actually kissed me on the cheek and told me how happy he was to meet me! I was so tongue-tied! He spent the next 20 minutes asking all about me and actually listening to my answers and it seemed like he really was interested in what I had to say. He wouldn’t leave until his crew chief came and dragged him off to stuff him in his car for the start of the race. It was one of the most exciting meetings I have ever had. It also taught me to evaluate a person by what you know to be true about them, and not what you hear on the news or read in a tabloid. I was very saddened to hear of his murder.


  2. Kim,

    Just now recovering from the conference. It was fun, but draining. It’s hard to pin down just one person I admire and met, because to be honest, I admire so many of my fellow writers who work despite whatever life hands them. Writers who tell stories that move and amuse me. Writers who write from the heart. Yes, yes, I know it sounds like a cop-out, but it’s true. My only complaint is now that I’m writing, too, I don’t have nearly enough time to read all the marvelous books they write. LOL



  3. Tammy–what a lovely story! It sounds as if meeting Mickey left a lasting impression as well as providd a life lesson. That’s awesome!

    Holly–I know the feeling. My TBR pile just grows and grows better than a Chia pet on Miracle-Gro. Conference is such a wonderful time to mingle and chat with those people whom perhaps you only get to talk online or email. And, yes, we should schedule some time next time around to hang out! Thanks for stopping by my blog!



  4. Posted by Bev Rodd on August 6, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Kim – the conference sounds like a lot of fun – Nora Roberts was there! I enjoy her stories as JD Robb and under her own name. She is in my top ten ) as is another local writer) Famous encounters – probably the best was introducing my husband to Billy Powell, the Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist. I had met many of the guys years ago, so when I saw him in the Reno Hilton casino, I walked right up said hello, long time no see (like he would really remember me after ten years of too much fun living?) and introduced Bruce to him as a fellow keyboard player. Bruce was so awestruck he couldn’t even gamble! Later we partied with some of the guys at the Garage Bar and went to the Skynyrd show the next night. Other notables met are Elvin Bishop and his band which included Micky Thompson, the singer of Fooled Around and Fell in Love, etc. My friends and I were regulars at this little club outside of Chinatown in SF. Eddie Money – we opened for him when he was still a nobody in Fremont, CA. Lars Ulrich of Metallica – he’s a godparent to our friends daughter. And theough I never met them – tho I did do a lot of begging – I have an autographed publicity photo of the Beatles from their stay at the SF Hilton during their Candlestick concert. And a signed laundry slip from George Harrison. Also two autographed books from one of my favorite writes – you know who!
    On that note – can’t wait for the next book in September!


  5. I met Holly Jacobs, which was so cool, since we belong to the same loops. If anyone ever gets the chance to go to one of Holly’s workshops, go! I mean go. I went to both of hers and they were excellent.

    Last year my daughter practically sat on Nora Robert’s lap, she was so excited to meet her at the Literacy signing.

    The Harlequin party was awesome and watching Kim dance with John was so much fun. By the by, Kim’s man is an excellent guy!


  6. Bev-Whoa! You have a lot of cool moments in your mental cache! I love the Lars Ulrich story. I am a huge Metallica fan (old-school mostly) and I think it’s way awesome that you got to meet him under such normal circumstances! And you make me blush~ You’re one of my biggest fans and I love you for it!

    Jeannie–I wanted to go to Holly’s workshops so bad but I was running from session to session, missing half to try to catch another and I definitely could’ve used two of me to do everything I had scheduled. Jamie told me about the Nora lap sitting experience. I laughed my head off. Jamie is adorable. That’s one cool kid, you have there. And thanks for the nod on our dancing skills. I adore my hubby when we dance. And I agree…he is an excellent guy! 🙂



  7. Posted by Trudy on August 6, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Hey Kimmie,

    I wasn’t railing … I knew you would do what you thought best for you about the gall bladder situation. I was actually just very relieved that it really wasn’t pancreatitis (which I knew it probably wouldn’t be, but still …)!

    I’m happy to hear you and John had a blast at the RWA Conference … did you take pictures?

    Hugs to you and the kids,



  8. Posted by Ellen on August 8, 2008 at 12:39 am

    Free books motivate me to make a comment but unfortunately I can’t think of anyone famous or semi-famous that I met when I didn’t expect it or even when I did expect it. Must be the result of old age.


  9. Trudy-hugs! I know you weren’t. I just enjoy teasing you. 😉 Nope, no pictures. I didn’t wantt to pack around my big camera so I just others be the shutterbug for night. I am trying to rustle up a few to post…

    Ellen-That’s okay! You’re entered in the drawing just for stopping by!


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