A winner

So, it’s time to name a winner. And you know what’s cool? I have another giveaway after this one because my next book is coming out soon and it’s just put me in a jolly, generous mood! Drumroll, please!

The winner of last week’s blog is: Jeannie Watt!

No joke! And this isn’t a rigged contest, I swear! My hubby picked the name out of a hat. So Jeannie, hit me back with a request from my backlist!

Now…time for another giveaway. Let’s talk about pet peeves! What chaps your hide or twists your panties? I can name a few, inconsiderate drivers, people who talk in a movie theater during the flick or forget to turn off their cell phone, people who put down romance for no discernible reason, and clothes that I’ve thoughtfully folded for my children, yet somehow end up BACK in the dirty clothes because they fell on the floor without being put away. GRRRR…

Please share. I want to know I’m not alone in my gripes. 🙂




9 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go sista…get me started (I’m actually just cutting & pasting these from my blog.)

    Fire lanes are for…FIRE trucks/emergency personnel. They say DO NOT PARK ANY TIME for a reason. They do NOT say, PARK HERE WHILE YOU UNLOAD YOUR GROCERY CART FULL OF BAGS INTO YOUR CAR. If I can lug a 35 pound kid on my hip while pushing my cart to the actual parking lot, you can get your lazy ass to do the same.

    OR, blocking the handicap entrance with your car because, AGAIN, you are too lazy to park in between those white lines in the parking lot meant for (GASP!), YOUR CAR!!!

    And, the common grammar grrr’s for me:

    YOU’RE = YOU ARE (You’re driving me crazy!)
    YOUR = YOUR (Your shirt is blue.)

    LOOSE = LOOSE, like GOOSE (I am wearing LOOSE clothing.)
    LOSE = LOSE, like OOZE (We are not going to LOSE the game today.)

    There are more, but I will leave you now before I look like the more crazy sister. 🙂


  2. Posted by Tammy on August 18, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    I’m a teacher so mine is school based – parents who don’t pick up their kids from school. It’s OK if they walk home with other kids or a group or something but I am sick of having to send 6-year-olds out of school all by themselves to walk 5 blocks. It’s insane!!!


  3. I cannot stand gum snapping, chomping or someone chewing their cud during conversation. Even worse is the person in the movie theater making the most out of crunching their popcorn, kicking my seat, and narrating and editorializing the film.


  4. Posted by Ellen on August 19, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    People who are not handicapped parking in the handicapped spaces because they are too lazy to walk. I have a friend who is handicapped and everytime I see someone do that I want to shout at them. If they park there they should have a handicapped tag. People who are always talking on a cell phone and ignoring the fact that they are in someone’s way. Kids who roam the mall creating problems for others by acting like idiots. Driver’s talking on cell phones.


  5. Posted by Marcie on August 19, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Loud music in cars, living in an apt/townhouse and the neighbors play music loud so all you hear is the bass thumping and they play it late at night. I have come to realize that when I was a baby my Mom kept the radio turned down low because loud music is annoying now that I’m an adult. I don’t care if it’s the kind of music I like. If I wanted to hear music, I’d turn on my own radio.


  6. A few people posted to my website instead of the blog and since they had such cool responses I will post them here, too!

    Bev Rodd wrote: Good question or which do I choose? People who don’t RSVP when asked, spell checker – people need to look further when using this feature. My husband and I get bored some days (not often) and see which one of us can find the most spell check errors in the Bee.

    Donna Wierzbowski wrote: Since I’ve been retired, I’ve discarded a lot of my former pet peeves (life is getting shorter, it seems, so can’t sweat the small stuff). However, probably my current pet peeve is when my husband cannot replace the empty toilet paper roll. He can fix a broken pool filter but can’t replace the empty roll. Go figure! He says he doesn’t see it. Like MDRB, male-dominated refrigerator blindness.
    Your new novel sounds like fun! I’ll buy it at the Sept. Valleyrose meeting.

    I will be pulling a winner soon!



  7. Ack! Bad Kim Bad Kim! I haven’t pulled a winner yet and I’m so sorry! So, I promise TODAY I will name a winner and someone will get a lovely book from my backlist! Stay tuned…!


  8. Ellen Too, you’re the winner! Hit me back with your address so I can send you something!



  9. Posted by Mommy on September 28, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Ok child…I’ve been done with the newest and my personal favorite book of your’s for a few weeks now. I just want to say yahoo for the Emmitts Mill folks!


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