A Call To Action

You’re never going to guess where my younger sister, Kristen, is at this very moment. If you guessed anywhere in the United States you’d be wrong. My sis is currently in Kitale, Kenya. Yes. You read that right. Africa. Pardon my mouth as I say, “Holy crap!”

You see my sis is the antithesis of me and she is such a dedicated activist with causes she believes in. She’s the mother of a son with Down’s Syndrome, who was also recently diagnosed with Tethered Cord Syndrome and autism (PDD-NOS). He’s in remission for leukemia and, oh, did I mention she has rheumatoid arthritis? Yeah, she’s like that Unsinkable Molly Brown character who just won’t be stopped no matter what is thrown in her path. (Although she has asked God to stop testing her strength because she’s about had it. Can you blame her?) Anyway, so at church (another huge diff between me and her) she learns about the plight of these poor African children who are sold into slavery and prostitution because their parents have died or abandoned them and apparently, there’s this school that takes in these poor children and it just so happens that her church was sponsoring a mission trip to that very region. Well, I guess my sister decided she didn’t have enough on her plate already and started raising money to go to Africa to do her part for these poor children. Wow. I mean, wow. I’m floored. And, I’ll admit, a little bewildered. Seems a long way to go to satisfy a humanitarian urge. But, more power to her. The world needs more people like her and probably less people like me who tend to get a little distracted by meaningless things in life. I consider myself a good person but, hot damn, my sister makes me feel like a total slacker. I know, it’s not about me or my competitive nature so I will just say, kudos to you Kristen for being such a warm-hearted, giving person. The world is certainly a better place for you being in it. 🙂

And in honor of my sister’s humanitarian journey to the other side of the world, I’ve decided to give away more books! This time, since I don’t have any new releases coming until next year (egad!) I will just reach into my RWA goody back and pull out something lovely for whomever wins this time around.

Tell me what you do to make the world a better place? Perhaps it’s volunteering in your child’s school or simply recycling or maybe you’re like my sister and you travel across the globe administering wholesome goodness in the form of sandwiches and vaccines to third world countries. Dunno. You tell me. I’m curious. Truly.



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  1. Posted by Ellen on October 14, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    I stick with trying to make the US a better place with donations of money.


  2. What the crap! I just posted this nice long post and the computer ate it. GRRRR…
    Well, in a nutshell, I said good job Ellen. Every little bit counts. If we all pay it forward in some way, our slice of the world will be a better place, right?


  3. I commend your sister’s spirit. Sometimes this kind of gesture can be very life-affirming for the person on the mission. I hope she finds the break she’s looking for along with doing good for some very needy kids caught in the crossfire. My prayers are with her–and the children.

    And if you’re a slacker, my friend, then I don’t want to think about what that makes me. Jeesch!



  4. Posted by Marcie on October 15, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    I send donations to US organizations like American Red Cross and American Cancer Society. I commend people who can go out of the country and help, but I’m one those that believe charity starts at home.


  5. Deb–You’re no slacker! My goodness! Yes, I am very proud of my sis for doing this. Definitely some karma points, I’m sure.

    Marcie-Excellent! You’re right giving, no matter how or where, is what counts. Sometimes kindness show in our own backyard is appreciated the most. 🙂


  6. Posted by Cathy on October 16, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    I beleive in making a difference in our own country. I have been a civil rights advocate for 15 years and I don’t think I’ve made a dent in the prevention of racism but erradicating racism is my life’s work. I also make cuddle fleece blankets for children, mostly those dying of cancer. They need something warm and soft of their own to comfort them and keep them warm as they go through chemo. I’m not doing that much but I try. I applaud anyone who is trying to make a difference anywhere in this world. Kindness and caring never goes out of style thanks


  7. I would have to agree, the world is a better place with Kristen in it! There are no boundaries to kindness and they certainly do not end on the shores of the USA. Love ya Kristen.


  8. Stephanie–you won! Gosh, so sorry it’s been so long. Time flies when you’re on a deadline! Email me with your mailing addy and I will send you some goodies of the literary variety!



  9. Posted by hollyjacobs on December 17, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Kim, What beautiful kids! And nice to see your sister doing what she believes in!



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