Life in the Nuthouse

Yep. That poor woman losing her mind is me. Why, you ask? Well, as many of us do, I live a full life and when you live a full life, deadlines, responsibilities, and any extracurricular activities tend to collide with another, causing your mind to spin with details that most often get tangled with all the rest of the stuff in your head.

It’s been a frightfully long time since I blogged. I wish I were a more dedicated blogger. It’s not because I couldn’t possibly find something to blab about — as I almost always want to talk about something — it’s because I can’t seem to find the extra time to rabble on as I would most certainly enjoy doing.

But here I am today, so let’s make the best of it. First off, before I send out the wrong impression with my nattering on — I love my life. I’m blessed and that’s a fact. With that said, sometimes I feel like I’m sinking in quicksand, losing my mind, and wondering who put the clock on fast forward.

My sons are both in sports and my daughter is in dance and soon, cheerleading. Combined, their schedules completely overwhelm me. If I were a stay-at-home mom, I’d likely never be home. I think that term is an oxymoron. Sometimes, I’m so happy to escape to my office, if only for an hour or two, because at least my coworkers aren’t asking me for a ride, a couple of bucks, or thrusting some kind of paperwork in my face that absolutely MUST be signed because it was due YESTERDAY.

I’m the first to admit, I can be a scatterbrain at the best of times, so add all this extra stuff to keep track of in my head and disaster is likely to follow.

And it has. Let me confess a few of my goofs.

  • Once, my kids called me at work to ask why the water wouldn’t work. Um, because I forgot to pay the bill. Apparently, stuffing the bill in your purse and forgetting about it doesn’t actually get the thing paid. And then when the City flips a switch, your children are left without a way to brush their teeth. Then, said City, will charge you $35 to flip the switch again to compensate for the finger strain and inconvenience you’ve caused them for forgetting to pay the bill.
  • My pest control guy is starting to stalk me because I’ve forgotten to pay the company numerous times (Hey, in all fairness, the bill comes in every three months. How am I supposed to remember something so far in advance?).
  • I’ve forgotten to pick my kids from school more times than I can rightly count and by this point, they’re pleasantly surprised when I’m on time.
  • My newspaper editor has taken to peppering my desk with Post It Notes to remind me of certain inter-office deadlines, except I have a tendency to lose those so now she texts me.
  • At the office we have a board that shows who’s in the office. I haven’t used it in years. I can’t seem to remember to move my dot in a reliable fashion so it’s never quite right for the people trying to find me so I’ve given up trying to adhere to the dot-system, much to my editor’s chagrin. Thank goodness for cell phones.

These are just tiny examples of how my brain tends to drop little details.

And now, my baby sis is getting married. I’m so excited for her and I’ve volunteered to help with the planning. I know. It’s a sickness, I think. However, my sis knows how scattered I can be, so each time she asks me to do something, she reminds me to put it into my phone before I forget, which is quite smart, because I always have my phone with me, except when I forget it at home. 🙂

But even as I lament my schedule at times, sandwiched between work and family obligations, I know there will come a day when the house is quiet and the calendar isn’t crammed because my oldest son is already 17 and someday soon he’ll leave the nest, followed quickly by his younger brother. And honestly, I’m dreading that moment when my babies are no longer babies who need me to take them here, pay for this, or take care of that. So for the time being, I’ll soak in the chaos, grin like a madwoman, and count my considerable blessings because a busy life is a good one.

Even if sometimes the water bill is overlooked.



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