A RED HOT MESS excerpt

I love posting excerpts. Mostly, because as a reader, I know how exciting it is to get a sneak peak of a book you’ve been waiting for, or are curious about. So, I’m going to post an excerpt from my new download only Kindle book, A RED HOT MESS. How’s that for cool?

Here it is:

Laurel saw the man across the crowded bar just as she was about to flag the cocktail waitress for another round. She was already on her second Apple-tini and technically tipsy but since she wasn’t driving, she didn’t mind the free-floating and giggly feeling.
“Seriously hot stuff coming this way,” Alice said, zeroing in on the dark-haired man Laurel had snagged gazes with only moments ago. “Anyone calling dibs?” she asked.
“Me,” Laurel piped up, surprising them both. She smiled tremulously, feeling every drop of that Apple-tini as she said, “You’re the one who said I needed to get my mind off what’s-his-face and flirting with a hot stranger seems like a step in the right direction.”
“Honey, I want to do more than flirt with him,” Alice said dryly but gave Laurel the go-ahead. “He’s yours. But don’t let that succulent piece of man candy go untouched or else you’re going to get an earful from me for being wasteful.” Alice scooted from the bench seat with their other friend, Tansy and suddenly Laurel was alone.
Laurel watched as he threaded his way to her, a faint, flirty smile playing with his fine lips and she flushed, feeling very decadent and heathen-like. Broad shoulders narrowed to tight hips and she caught the definition of strong arms beneath his shirt. She imagined he’d have no trouble at all hoisting her up so she could wrap her long legs around his waist. Thank God it was dark. Her flaring cheeks would’ve ruined the whole “sexy siren” thing she was going for tonight.
“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked once he got to her table. His voice, deep and smooth, conjured all manner of naughty things — things she’d never had the sexual wherewithal to try or even suggest with past lovers — and the breath hitched in her chest.
She nodded and smiled — did she look drunk or sexy? She hoped the latter. She was going to do something out of character, something wild and crazy to usher in the “new” Laurel.
She was going to ride this luscious stranger six ways from Sunday without a thought more complicated than wondering which position to try first.
“Do you have condoms?” she asked, delighting when her pointed question caused his Adam’s apple to bob.
She reached for his hand. “Then let’s go.”


A RED HOT MESS is available for download through the Kindle and Smashwords.


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