A winner

So, it’s time to name a winner. And you know what’s cool? I have another giveaway after this one because my next book is coming out soon and it’s just put me in a jolly, generous mood! Drumroll, please!

The winner of last week’s blog is: Jeannie Watt!

No joke! And this isn’t a rigged contest, I swear! My hubby picked the name out of a hat. So Jeannie, hit me back with a request from my backlist!

Now…time for another giveaway. Let’s talk about pet peeves! What chaps your hide or twists your panties? I can name a few, inconsiderate drivers, people who talk in a movie theater during the flick or forget to turn off their cell phone, people who put down romance for no discernible reason, and clothes that I’ve thoughtfully folded for my children, yet somehow end up BACK in the dirty clothes because they fell on the floor without being put away. GRRRR…

Please share. I want to know I’m not alone in my gripes. 🙂




Back From Conference

Where to start…first off, surgery went well. I am now one less organ but thankfully, it’s one that I can live without.

Went to San Francisco for the RWA conference. It was wonderful but I was ridiculously homesick by Sunday. John met me at the hotel on Friday to go to the Harlequin party with me at the Four Seasons and that was fabulous. First, it was awesome to dance the night away with the man in my life (and oh, yeah, we did some SERIOUS dancing and between the two of us we rocked the floor beside my Super friends Amy Knupp, Kay Stockham, Jeannie Watt, *and her daughter Jamie, and Supers editor Victoria Curran) and second, it was the freakin’ Harlequin party where the likes of Nora Roberts, Kathryn Caskie and a host of other ultra cool people were milling about. It’s a very heady thing to be standing next to someone you only read about under normal circumstances. It’s true I accosted Kathryn Caskie in the drink line to gush in regards to her awesomeness and she was so cool about it. Gracious, kind and even complimentary, she’s a favorite in my book. In fact, I think I need to run out and buy her newest release this weekend just to show my gratitude. 😀

Anyway, conference was great. I learned a lot. Came home with tons of new books and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend. I was one of the lucky receivers of an RWA scholarship and someday I hope I can return the favor by contributing to the scholarship program. Thanks again to those who made that decision.

So, I’m feeling generous and I have a new release coming out in September, so let’s give a book away! Tell me about a cool encounter with someone you admire (they can be famous or not) and one lucky poster will receive a free book! How cool is that? Hey, if you’re like me free books motivate me like no other!



Going Under The Knife

Tomorrow I go under the surgeon’s knife to have my gall bladder taken out. You see, I’ve been having terrible gall bladder attacks that are quite painful and a sonogram revealed my gall bladder full of gravel. Note how I said gravel, not stones. Yep. I’ve been carrying around a pocketful of calcified bits of blech in my body. Gross. And they have to go. The little suckers have been causing all sorts of havoc with my digestion, and I’m just finished with it. I know there’s some kind of flush you can do (Trudy, I know you’re railing at my decision not to go herbal) but it involves lying on your side for an entire day while you take this herbal concoction while your body flushes out more than 300 stones in one go because it also pulls from your liver. Note again how I said, “flush,” yeah, as in lots of bathroom time. No thanks. Not this time. I just want the sucker gone. I know your gall bladder makes this certain enzyme that I will need to supplement but I figure that’s okay.

So, in preparation of tomorrow I’ve been — ready for this — totally nesting! Yeah, you know that phenomenon where pregnant women start cleaning obsesssively right before they go into labor? Yeah, that kind of nesting. I’ve already scrubbed my kitchen and now I’m eying the bathroom with a speculative stare. I’m also in a hurry to get everything I need done such as laundry, groceries, last-minute work stuff and packing needs for our vacation (which isn’t until the end of the month but hey I’m in a organized kind of mood) but as I sit and pen this short blog I think I’ve hit upon the reason for all this productivity…I’m nervous.

I know it’s a simple surgery, second most common, actually, but I am a bit twitchy about going under the knife. Weird things happen. Like the surgeon could forget some kind of tool in my body and I wouldn’t know about it until years later when I keep setting off the metal detectors in airports. Or I could..*gulp* die in some freakish this-never-happens-but-once-in-a-million-surgeries and that would really suck. My family accuses me of drifting toward the melodramatic when I say these things but someone has to be the statistic and sometimes my luck isn’t so hot. Just ask my best friend. She’ll tell you. If it’s odd, unexplainable, or just plain OMG that was weird! it’ll happen to me. *sigh* Guess I’m special.

So, I could use a little good luck coming my way if anyone were so inclined. Good thoughts count too. I’ll post again when I come out the other side, minus an organ but feeling 100 percent better.

Happy writing!


Pretty Baby

Auntie Kamrin and Honey Bunches I know what you’re thinking…two posts in one day? Certainly that’s a sign of the coming Apocalypse but no, just one silly writer who has started making lists on her Post It notes in some semblance of organization trying to get things done. 🙂

Anyway, loved this pic. That’s my Honey Bunches with her Auntie Kamrin. Kamrin used to be our nanny (yes, she is my youngest sister and yes, it was slave labor) and we miss her terribly. Most of all her Honey Bunches!

Just wanted to share. 🙂

A Winner

So I had a helper pick the lucky winner of my blind contest winner and you’ll swear there was some cheating going on but I swear to you it was all very fair and my other editor Marg was the lucky poster!

What did she win?? Well, I decided to give away a copy of my UK release of Father Material, which released across the pond May 08. Cool huh? So, I guess I’ll mosey on over to the next office or maybe I’ll just holler at her that she’s the lucky winner. Hehehe…

Thanks for reading and keep posting cuz this giving away stuff is fun!


Early Surprise

Right before I was going to bed last night I decided to check Amazon.com for something and lo and behold! My new cover was available! Had to share. It’s so lovely and the art department did a great job with Annabelle and Honey. Dean is supposed to be in his early 40s but hey, everything else looks great so who am I to complain?

This is my September book, the story of Dean Halvorsen and Annabelle Nichols. Very cool story. It practically wrote itself. I love it when that happens. 🙂

So, because I’m in a particularly happy, bouncy and giving mood, one lucky poster will get something fun in the mail. Nope. Not gonna tell. You just have to post and find out if YOU’RE the lucky winner!

Happy writing!


Time To Rev That Engine

The time for lounging like a lizard in the sun is definitely over — the time has come to kick start that brain of mine and tap those creative juices for as of today I am one hot commodity. (Note the very big grin.)

Let me fill you in a bit. Two weeks ago my agent called to tell me Silhouette Romantic Suspense wanted to offer me a two-book deal and I gladly — gleefully even — accepted. I had submitted a proposal a few months ago and I’d nearly given up hope of landing another line when BAM! fate intervened and my phone was ringing. Needless to say, I was dancing on a cloud.

Then, today, my agent called and told me that Harlequin Superromance was ready to go to contract on my 3-book proposal and I nearly fell over. All three? You’re kidding me? WOW! I can tell you, getting this bit of news lifted my spirits even higher than they were from the previous news about Sil SRS as I was starting to fret about getting a spot in the 2009 Supers calendar. But today, I am happy. Ridiculously, deliriously so and I knew I had to share. I’ve been remiss in my blog, heck, I’ve been flat-out neglectful of everything aside from watching in despair how my waistline has continued to grow. Before you ask, no, not pregnant. Just…pleasantly plump. Ah for the days of the Rubenesque woman. Oh well. I’ll console myself with indoor plumbing. Weight Watchers may be in my near future. My friend Kay Stockham has inspired me. But I digress.

Anyway, so, in a nutshell, Kim is going to be one busy girl with five books to churn out. Hehehe…I love it. Now, remind me of this when I’m tearing my hair out, suffering through deadline hell, and creative stonewalls. Oh yes. Those times will come. But let’s enjoy this lovely moment while it lasts…the moment where I am happy, appreciated and talented. 🙂

And while I am chatting it up might I mention that I have heartburn unlike anything I’ve ever experienced? It’s wretched and wicked and did I mention painful? Yeah. Nothing seems to stop it. In one day I’ve eaten Gaviscon, (this stuff is gross), Tums, Rolaids, Protonix, and I even chugged a glass of milk. Nothing. Works. Help me. This is a level of hell. It’s like there’s this little gnome buried under my breastbone and he’s stoking the fire to barbecue my esophagus. The pain has made my teeth ache, for crying out loud! Yikes. Please tell me there’s an answer out there to my pain! Tell me how to put out the fire!

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll try to be more sociable and when I know more about release dates and such I’ll let you know!

Happy Writing,