The Dreaded Synopsis

The dreaded synopses. Oh, how I hate them. And I know I’m not alone. There are many writers who dread this necessary process to the publishing business but I swear when I have to write one I can’t help but feel as I did in high school when some big assignment was due. I’d like to say I’ve matured since then, but I must admit, I still try to run and hide by way of procrastination. I know a synopsis is a valuable tool and I try very hard to keep that in mind when I’m grinding my teeth as I try to write one but it comes down to one simple fact. I am not a plotter. I am amazed by the things that unfold as I write and I’ll be honest, I haven’t stuck to a synopsis since I started writing back when I was a teen. I don’t like to be tied to a single idea or plot point. Before you plotters out there get up in arms, I know plotting is a necessary component to crafting a good story but it’s just not my style. I love to be suprised by the twists and turns in my own stories and I feel a synopsis gets in the way of those moments that happen organically if you just get out of the way and let them.
So, why the sudden rant about synopses? Well, you guessed it. It’s proposal time and with the blossoming of new ideas comes the dreaded synopsis. *sigh* So, I spent all day crafting synopses to accompany two of my new story ideas and it always reduces me to an insecure mess because for some reason it challenges me to the point of lunacy.
All right, so I’ll stop complaining. Get over it already, right?
That’s right. No time for whining. I have writing to do on my WIP, which in case anyone is wondering is comprised of three different stories; paranormal, romantic suspense, and a good ol’ fashioned romance between two people without special powers or someone trying to kill them. Ahh, amore!

Happy Writing,


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